Why 'Imhotek'

The name Imhotek was originally derived from the Egyptian character "Imhotep" who was one of the first physician and architects of ancient Egypt. As we intended to both fix and architect solutions for our customers - it seemed appropriate. Further to this, the 'In My Humble Opinion' (IMHO) worked for the consultancy aspects.

Imhotek is now owned and run by Steve Allam, who combines IT & e-mail consultancy with renovation works. The name works for both!

IT consultancy

We have architected, installed, support and built many systems and appliacation for customers, often to bridge gaps between two disparate systems, but also to provide complete applications uniquely tailored to their needs. Skills and systems include:

  • Linux, Windows, Android, IOS
  • C++, Java, Perl
  • HTML, PHP, Javascript
  • Angular JS
  • e-mail servers; Exchange, Domino, exim, sendmail

We provide consultancy from systems design, development, IT project and systems management, right up to IT Director or CTO placement.

Renovation works

Work has been completed on a number of houses in recent years; a few photos can be seen above. Normal work is a complete renovation, sometimes from fairly delapidated state right up to resale - replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, including grade II listed properties.

The latest project is a renovation with an extension, adding a new kitchen diner and master bedroom.