The name Imhotek was originally derived from the Egyptian character "Imhotep" who was one of the first physicians and architects of ancient Egypt.  As we intended to both fix and architect solutions for our customers - it seemed appropriate.

Others have noted that 'In My Humble Opinion' (IMHO) TEK is also thrown in for good measure.  The "Mummy" films represented Imhotep as a rather nasty character (to put it mildly), but people started saying "Imhotek, I think I've heard of you", much to our delight and amusement.

We have very varied skills across our staff, not all of which are included on this list!

Skills and systems include

  • Linux, Windows, Android, IOS
  • Cloud environments; e.g. AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Softlayer
  • C++, Java, Perl, Python etc.
  • HTML, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular JS
  • Database systems, including many SQL servers, NoSQL, e.g. Mongo, Pouch/CouchDB, Tyrant
  • Email systems; Exchange, Domino, exim, sendmail, Office365, GSuite etc.