As you can see, we have carried out projects across many business sectors for companies both large and small.  Please contact us if you have any questions about projects we have undertaken in the past.  

Major retailer of home appliances

The company provided top brand kitchen and home appliances, but had no online presence or store.  The project entailed taking their existing product database, updating it, including enhancing and cleansing the data.  We built an online store with a custom integration to their existing payment provider.  They now have a modern web storefront!

Commercial Cleaning franchise operator

The franchise operator provided software to allow franchisees to produce quotes, renewals and a job management system.  This software had changed and grown over 12 years in a haphazard way, bugs were rife and the it had many idiosyncrasies which led to missed jobs and pricing errors - hence to unhappy franchisees and customers!  We worked with the customer to identify and fix bugs, then gave the system a major facelift.  Over time, we have been upgrading module by modules to standardise their operations.


A complex system designed and built to enable organisations and small clubs to set-up and manage their events.  Through a mobile or web app, clubs can manage invitation-only events or create ticketed events.  The system incorporates a mobile app, web app, off line data synchronisation, email and mobile alerts, iCal + Excel integration as well as integration into a credit card payment system, for ticket sales and subscription management.  You can see more at www.clubevent.co.uk

Adult learning organisation

An existing (15 year old) website was replaced and their enrolment system was modified and extended to meet the current needs of the organisation, including an update to PCI compliance.  The user system had to integrate with a legacy UNIX backend, which led to a complex rewrite of an API to ensure correct and secure data flow.

Credit provider for the Veterinarian industry

Customers would send credit & customer applications to the company via email, for manual processing.  We designed and built a new web front end to replace this.  The data collected included credit card details so a great deal of effort was put in to ensure that the data was encrypted and moved to the internal systems using a secure method.

Network provider/Billing system

The customer was providing network services on a consumption model, but had no real idea of actual consumption.  We developed a billing system to monitor and report on resource usage in order to bill customers monthly. Lost earnings identified after one month more than covered the development costs!

Data warehouse/analyst

We architected and built a system to collect data from disparate systems at scale; many millions of records per day.  The data needed to be manipulated, stored and made available to analysts for extraction on a real time basis; including graphical display through a web front end, as well as being available through secure APIs to enable injection into other analysis systems.

International Satellite Organisation

Over a number of years, we have developed software used to test the performance of various Internet protocols over satellite networks.  This was used for many years to ensure that new services and terminals introduced adhered to operational requirements. In addition, we developed software to proxy IP protocols, providing caching and compression in order to save bandwidth, used in low bandwidth (satellite) networks.

Email migrations

Many projects undertaken, including development of a software email ‘mover’ platform to migrate email messages from legacy systems into Microsoft Exchange.  Other projects involved project management, and production of detailed processes including necessary scripts/operations in order to move large numbers of users from one mail system to another.

Technical Authoring

For example: Production of (mainly) user guides to allow non-technical users (e.g. journalists) to operate satellite technologies in the field.


Architect and build of a major anti-spam system, capable of handling 100million messages per day.  Used by many customers (mainly in Asia). Largest customer controlled 50,000 users.