Consultancy & Development

Imhotek was founded in April 2000, and has carried out many IT consultancy and development projects for small and large organisations alike.  Our customers have included major Banks, Service and Infrastructure organisations, Communications giants, Global network providers and many small businesses.  We have staff in the UK, Australia, Canada and Mexico - which proves that IT knows no geographical boundaries!


IT projects of any sort notoriously run late and over budget.  The team get larger closer to the deadline, in the belief that this will help.  The project deliveries are disappointing.

We recognise the importance of working closely with our customers to determine the exact nature of the project.  We will then provide frequent feedback and decision points to ensure that we deliver as per requirements.  One of our project managers will become the central point of contact and manage the project from start to finish.

Delivery is only the first part in the journey; we endeavour to ensure that customers are fully able to manage the resulting systems and can provide support for further changes, for as long as is required.


We have architected, installed, supported and built many systems and applications for customers, often to bridge gaps between two disparate systems, but also complete applications uniquely tailored to their needs.  Sometimes we've simply been asked to carry out due diligence, security checks, or test other peoples work.

Many of our customers come to us due to our extensive knowledge and experience of handling legacy systems that are vital to their business. It may not be possible to replace an old UNIX system for instance, so provision of a new user front end has to handle the inherent security and privacy issues as well as the small matter of moving data between systems that simply won’t talk to each other.  Older systems are often unsupported and the original developers may have retired or left. Ad-hoc changes over the years leave the systems “buggy” and undocumented.

We will work with you to document your requirements and work through the code & systems that constitutes the current legacy system.  We will recommend a way forward and identify the necessary changes in order to meet your requirements. This may lead to a completely new system, or a new front end that interfaces seamlessly with the legacy systems.  We will work within any necessary regulations to ensure data security, privacy and compliance.

Please see our portfolio page for details of some of our projects.